Employment Assistance


Centre Solaris provides last resort financial assistance recipients from Montreal area with help in getting employment. The clients have to provide financial assistance statements from the government of Quebec in order to prove they are qualified to receive our aid.

Services focus on the following skills:
Sources of employment opportunities, networking, and cold calling.
Resume and cover letters.
Job Interview

Many recipients of government last resort financial assistance would like to improve their lives by becoming self-employed and/or engage in small enterprise. Centre Solaris provides such people with all necessary knowledge and training to achieve their goals. The selection criteria are the same as for job-search workshops: a proof that a person is a last resort financial assistance recipient

Our volunteers – business professionals, who possess necessary experience and educational background in specific fields, will give the following workshops.

Self-employment/small business registration and regulations. To be given by a business law professional.

Business research, Business plan development, and financing. To be given by a marketing professional/ business consultant.

Marketing Strategies and Promotion. To be given by a marketing professional/ business consultant.

Bookkeeping and Accounting. To be given by an accountant.